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ExciteBrand Admin / 2021-03-08

Staying ahead of the competition with digital PR

If you have a business then, in all likelihood, you have competition.  Even the most innovative of companies fall victim to copycat products and services, meaning that they have to work even harder to stay on top.

Search Engine Optimization Experts in Leeds, ExciteBrand, have extensive experience of competitor analysis which helps businesses to identify their competition in order to beat it.

The two competitors you need to know about 

The first step in getting to grips with competitor analysis is to understand the two different kinds of competition your company is likely to face.

Style Competitors:  These are the companies who are producing very similar products or services to yours.  Although a style competitor is not necessarily copying your product, style competition is inevitable in many industries such as fashion and portable technology.

Income Competitors:  These are the people who are competing with you for a share of that all important disposable income.  These are not necessarily companies within your own industry – for example, a car manufacturer may be an income competitor to a sofa manufacturer as many consumers have to make a choice between these two major purchases.

ExciteBrand can use advanced SEO and other digital tools to help to identify who your competitors are and the level of threat.  Competitor analysis is the art of understanding your industry and the categories within it and, then, figuring out where your company falls compared to the competition.  Competitor analysis will provide you with clear information on your performance versus your competitor’s, where you come out ahead……and where you don’t.

Word on the street

Once you have your all-important competitor analysis, it’s time to work on your digital PR to improve the areas in which you fall behind the competition.  Many unscrupulous companies try to beat the competition by ‘piggy backing’ on other company’s SEO; using the same or similar names and keywords – this is often a method used by inferior companies looking to gain sales off the back of more successful ones.  Instead of dishonest tactics like these, ExciteBrand will tackle this using a number of methods including content marketing whereby great quality content is created for your company’s digital presence in order to increase your profile and awareness of your brand.  This can involve one or more of the following; website blogs, guest blogs, social media article sharing, newsletters and ezines.   As search engine optimisation experts in Leeds, ExciteBrand will not only create content for you – and brainstorm with you and your staff for new ideas – but will also make sure that every single piece of digital content attached to your company name is packed with valuable SEO.

Because ExciteBrand have already researched and analysed your competition, they are then ideally placed to get your digital PR on track using that analysis.  For example, if the analysis shows that you’ve been falling behind the competition in terms of affordability, your shiny new content will reflect either a price adjustment or, an explanation as to why your product’s quality makes it worth the price.

Competition?  What competition?

Now that your content has been created, ExciteBrand will make sure that it gets seen by sharing the heck out of it on a number of digital platforms – and encouraging others to do the same.  By using this method of digital PR and marketing, ExciteBrand will aim to set up your company or business as a thought leader within your industry and an authority on your subject.  Companies which produce great content not only attract more loyal customers but, are also rewarded by search engines with greater visibility.

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