Seo Experts In Leeds keyword Cannibalization How to keep it from harming your on site seo

Seo Experts In Leeds keyword Cannibalization How to keep it from harming your on site seo
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ExciteBrand Admin / 2021-03-22

How To Keep It From Harming Your On-Site SEO

Keyword cannibalization or keyword duplication is always a risk when you run your website for a long time. But how do you avoid this? SEO experts in Leeds recommend that you identify keyword cannibalization in your content and avoid it in order to avoid hurting your rankings.

Identifying Keyword Cannibalization

You can use tools from resources like SEMrush to help you identify and list your site’s organic keywords, so that you can easily export them to a spreadsheet. You can then see if there are any pages and URLs that target the same keywords.

Keywords can easily be spread among many pages and you can also target different countries with keyword-rich pages, amounting to international keyword cannibalization. Then there is also semantic flux, which refers to two websites owned by the same company and they both show up in search results, causing them to compete with one another.

Why Keyword Cannibalization Matters

If you find that a lower quality page outranks a higher quality one, it may be an issue, especially if both rank for the same keyword. This is when you may want to derank the lower quality page to help the higher quality page rank better.

In addition to giving up great organic traffic, lower quality pages can also reduce your website’s authority and find that your links and anchor text power are diluted.

As SEO experts in Leeds will agree, here are a few of the negative impacts that cannibalization can have on your website:

  • Lower conversion rates
  • Dimished authority
  • Unintentional rankings

Your conversion rates will definitely suffer especially if you have low quality pages that are losing out on potential leads.

Keyword Cannibalization Solutions

One of the first things that you should do if you want to avoid keyword cannibalization to cause any further harm to your website, STD optimise the offending pages.

If a page ranks for various keywords, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of the entire page. You can simply make changes to the content and eliminate the keyword you don’t want it to rank for anymore. You can also choose to take out the most authoritative page on your website and make it a landing page.

These are just some of the ways in which keyword cannibalization can influence your website. Work with SEO experts in Leeds to make sure that you optimize your website and reduce any negative effects of keyword cannibalization.

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