Ultimate Guide To Building Your Business By Guest Blogging

Ultimate Guide To Building Your Business By Guest Blogging
ExciteBrand Admin / 2021-03-22

Doing the write thing for your business

In a massively competitive world, business owners need to quickly and effectively establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with – which means firmly putting their company on the map as a recognisable and respected brand. Web development in Leeds is our business and we can tell you that there are many ways of doing this, including expensive advertising and often ineffective PPC campaigns but, one of the cheapest – and most effective – ways is guest blogging.

Be our guest

Many companies include a blog on their website to keep their customers up to date on what they’ve been up to as well as offering thought leadership insights for the industry.  Savvy marketers go one step further by taking advantage of guest blogging opportunities.  Guest blogging is a way of increasing traffic to a site by writing blogs for other websites which link back to your own.  For example, if your business is an airport car service, you might try to get guest blogs on the websites of airlines, hotels and other travel related companies. 

There are many benefits to guest blogging, including:

  • Improving author rank
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Strengthening your brand’s profile
  • Aligns your brand with industry leaders
  • Creating a buzz on social media 

So, how do you get started?

First, things first, you need to make sure that your own blog has a large amount of followers and social shares.  Many companies, when starting out, hire a writer to populate the blog tab on their website and then share the heck out of the blogs on social media to create a buzz. At this stage, you also need to make sure that all of your social media is up to date with current content. Once you have all of your own content ready, it’s time to share the love.

Put together a list of companies in your industry who feature blogs on their website.  Do a little bit of research to find the name and email address of the Editor or Marketing Manager for each and put these into a spreadsheet.

Next, get in touch with each contact by email – as this is a prospective email, it’s best to keep the message short and sweet.  Something along the lines of “I’m owner of X business and am passionate about our industry.  I am knowledgeable about this field and enjoy writing thought leadership pieces for my website and, I would love to write a piece for your blog.”. To improve your chances of success, make sure that each email is addressed personally, rather than to ‘Sir or Madam.’   When sending out your emails, be sure to include attachments or links showing samples of your writing.

By guest blogging on other sites, you gain attention not just from potential customers but also from online media and, other companies who may be interested in your guest blogging services.

As a leading web development company in Leeds, we’ve got a fair bit of blogging experience under our belts.  Whether you want us to write your blogs for you or, you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration, we can help you to get your business blog noticed.  As well as coming up with great content, our team of experts can tweak your blog for maximum SEO and help you to reach the most influential companies in your industry.  Passionate about all things blogging, we can even provide you with a list of companies known to accept guest blogs, saving you time, hassle and disappointment.

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