Why Should You Go for Social SEO?

People have been throwing the term Social SEO in with the list of important digital marketing services that you need. The trend has gone up significantly if you consider the reports of successes in SEO services in London provides. There has been much confusion surrounding the idea of social SEO and how it is affecting the digital presence of various websites online. Due to misleading statements that have given us nothing concrete, it’s hard to say whether the social links we spent our time on getting are even proving useful for us.

To demystify the subject, let’s take the concept and analyze what it means for us:

What is Social SEO?

To put it simply, social SEO can be defined as the backlinks you get from social media platforms. These platforms can include giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and many more. Not only are they now catering to billions of audiences worldwide, but the amount and time of active users that log on every day is also something to consider seriously.

Those who have struggled to get backlinks on their websites probably know that it’s much easier to get social links. However, it’s still unclear whether Google actually caches these links and ranks your website higher based on them.

So, if we consider that Google doesn’t consider these links seriously, does this mean that we should stop executing social SEO altogether?

The answer is no. And here’s why:

Social Links Get Traffic:

Social media platforms are handling billions of active users that are interacting and engaging with their platforms. Since giants like Facebook are making sure that they focus on the marketing side of things, it’s important to use the opportunities they provide to promote your business. To help explain better, there’s no disadvantage in reaching out to millions of people that could be your potential target audience. Even if Google doesn’t rank your website, the publicity isn’t going to go bad for you.

People Believe Social Media:

A few posts on social media and from influencers that have thousands of followers will go a long way in changing people’s beliefs. When it comes to brands, the biggest whales in every industry are making sure that they reach out to influencers that have hegemony on their target audience. Because why pay a neutral platform like Google for ads when you can have an influencer endorse your business while promoting your content to millions? Any smart agency providing SEO services in London will assure you that going for social SEO isn’t wrong.

Social Media Is Engaging:

The type of content you post and promote determines how well you’re engaging with your audience. Social media sites provide diverse audiences to spread across various platforms. For example, Quora has a specific percentage of new and unique visitors logging in every month. Moreover, it is the perfect platform to reach out to users of India.

In addition to this, YouTube has billions of hours in terms of video content uploaded on it every minute. One can assume that the number is significantly higher for the number of people who watch videos. Similarly, the audiences engaging on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter fall under different demographics respectively.


It’s safe to conclude that there’s no disadvantage in going for social SEO as there’s no harm in getting the publicity.