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Welcome to the ExciteBrand site – you probably found us by searching for search optimization experts in Leeds.  Coincidence?  Luck?  Absolutely not; making sure people find the right people for the job is what we do.

Each month, internet users conduct over 131 billion online searches.  Whether its a Great Aunt searching for the best meatloaf recipe or a physics student researching rocket science, internet searches are a big deal – in fact, email and internet searches are the top two internet activities in the world.

The art of SEO

As search engine optimization (SEO) experts in Leeds, knowing facts like these are essential to our business – and yours.  By understanding search engines; how they work and, who’s working them, we’re best placed to design intuitive and expert SEO for our clients.  Complex and ever-fluid, we like to think of SEO as an art – and our team of professionals as artists.  We work with a number of companies, big and small, in and around Leeds to help them make sure that their online presence is working as hard as they are.  Much more than just peppering websites and social media with key words and phrases, SEO is the art of knowing what your customers will be searching for – and then driving them to the right place to find it.

An online hit

We work with some of the most important companies in the UK, including corporate giant, KPMG, helping to make sure that their online presence is on target and relevant.  Through expert SEO and comprehensive social media management, our clients consistently rank in the top 5 in internet searches, helping them to attract those all-important new customers.

We’re confident that our team of experts can help boost any company’s SEO, no matter how big or small the business or what industry.

To find out how our search engine optimization experts in Leeds can take your business’s SEO to the next level, give us a call on 0 203-637-9960 or visit our site HERE for more information.