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No-one wants to be the site at the end of the rankings- you need some attention.
We create a full digital marketing strategy to make sure that you get noticed- always.


    • a comprehensive digital marketing strategy
    • copywritingand video production services
    • social media marketing campaigns
    • SEO services
    • content and email marketing services,
    • branding support
    • PPC support


Our Digital Services

Digital Marketing for you

No-one wants to be the site at the end of the rankings, you need some attention.
We put in place a full strategy to guarantee that you get noticed- always.

ExciteBrand will create your own personalised digital marketing strategy. Comprehensive and carefully tailored to suit all that you want, we’ve got you covered. Relax in the knowledge that growth and exposure are in hand. Completely. With: copywriting, video production, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, branding, email marketing and PPC all handled by our experts. You can – relax.

Social media savvy

This is the big one. Social media is where it’s at – but which way should you go? From Twitter to Instagram Facebook and Pinterest, the decision can be overwhelming. We’ll give you the information and advice to help you decide what will suit you best and how to make your social media platforms work for you.

SEO know-how

If no-one can find you, this was all a waste of time. We’ll help you to make sure that you get, and remain,seen by as many customers as possible. With our ExciteBrand experts and the best search engine optimisation techniques, you know that it won’t be your business stuck on the back pages.

Digital Copywriting

Words count. You need words that entice, explain and reflect your brand. Let our experts do the talking. Talk to us. We’ll make sure that you get creative, optimised and entertaining content that promotes your brand and captivates your audience.

Emails that work

Delight your customer’s inbox with tantalising emails that they actually want. With years of experience under their belt, our experts will ensure that your emails are the ones that your customers look forward to.

PPC that gets results

For PPC that works, you need clicks that pay. We will ensure that your campaigns are researched, optimised and tested to produce results. We can’t wait to get started!


To ensure that you have everything covered. Excite Brand’s experts are on hand to ensure that your videos get people talking. With a range of support available, you’ll be surprised at what we can produce, from explainers, to podcasts, we’ll make sure that your videos speak volumes.