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Intuitive web development is the key to a successful online business and allows full and seamless integration with all of your other systems.

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We’re here to make your website work for you. One of the leading UK web development agencies, we have the skill, the passion, and the experience to supersize your search engine and pimp the performance of your site to make sure it’s a high performance and netting great results.
We work with some of the most important companies in the United Kingdom, helping them to make sure that their website is working as hard as they do. Our fully qualified and highly experienced staff know their onions when it comes to serving up intuitive and adaptable web development solutions to suit your business and your budget.

As different as you are

At ExciteBrand, we believe that every business is unique – and that, as such, it deserves a unique web development solution. Our web developers and customer service advisors are second to none when it comes to finding out what you need – and then delivering. Whether you’re looking for a brand new site or an overhaul of your existing one, our experts are some of the best web developers in the UK and, are on hand to advise and to create a bespoke plan just for you and your business; saving you time, money and hassle.

The techy bit

We won’t bore you too much with the details (although our Web Developers will give half a chance!) but, we’re extremely proud of our technology and our people that use it. Our web development experts are passionate about open source technologies including the popular Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL. We utilize a number of frameworks although we do favor MVC based ones including PHP, CakePHP, Zend Framework, and CodeIgnitor. Needless to say, our experts also know their way around any CMS systems you’re using, whether a commercial mainstream one or something a little more exclusive.

CMS on your side

We believe that technology is there to make life easier which is why, not only are our team experts when it comes to all things tech but, they’ll be happy to explain it to you and your staff in plain language. We believe that usability and functionality are crucial to any decent CMS and are staff will work with you – not for you – to develop a great system that you and your staff are comfortable with. It’s your site, why should you have to wait for a tech professional to make changes/additions for you? Having said that, we are of course on hand should you need any help or advice with your system. For the best in UK web design and web development, contact us today on 0 203-637-9960 or email us at enquiries@excitebrand.com


Sell smarter, sell more with our E-commerce experts

E-commerce is on the move – in an upward direction. Every year, statistics show an increasing trend toward shopping online and yet so many businesses treat their online store as an after-thought – effectively handing business to the competition. The world of E-commerce is constantly changing and, if you’re not careful, your business could be left behind. At ExciteBrand, our E-commerce experts are ahead of the trends and can use their skills and considerable experience to ensure that your business is too. Whether it’s streamlining your payment system or giving the look of your site an overhaul, our team has got what it takes to help you see off the competition.

How is your site performing?

Many businesses find that they have a great product and great customer service but find themselves baffled as to why sales are consistently disappointing. Visiting an online store is just like visiting a real-world store – customers are demanding and, if they don’t like what they see, they’ll quickly move on. As a leading UK digital agency, there’s not much that we don’t know about E-commerce and how it works. From initial design to SEO, our experts can make sure that your customers not only find your site easily but that they then stay and shop. At ExciteBrand, we believe in creating strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Technology evolves at lightning speed and our experts have the insight and knowledge to make sure that your business evolves with it. We employ the UK’s top developers, designers, and customer service personnel from many different sectors to ensure that, when you join ExciteBrand, you join the very best.

Helping yourself to great E-commerce

Our team is tech experts but, we believe that you shouldn’t have to be in order to manage the admin panels of your system. Not only will we make sure that your system is practical and easy to use, but we’re also happy to hold training sessions with your staff to ensure that they are comfortable using it. Your system has to work hard and so do your staff – and we’re here to help them work together by building you a straight-forward, intuitive back-end design, giving you and your staff full control of your E-commerce site. We’ll make sure that your staff is easily able to process and manage orders, keep track of product lists and inventories, and upload and update content.
We’re passionate about making sure that you’re able to run the system yourself but, it goes without saying that our friendly and talented experts will always be on hand to help should the need arise.

Keeping your ducks in a row

For many businesses, it’s all about the product and, the one thing we hear from clients time and time again is the need to be able to quickly manage catalog items and to introduce promotions and discounts. Our innovative catalog management system allows you to do just that – to an almost unlimited range of different customer groups and selections.

A more fulfilling system

How often do you hear your staff complain about your order fulfillment system. As one of the most important parts of your business, we believe it should also be one of the most straight-forward – which is why we design user-friendly, intuitive systems that benefit you, your staff, and your customers. From first browse to checkout, our E-commerce experts are on hand to make sure that your system works for you – not the other way round.

Web Apps

We’re calling it – the UK’s leading web application experts

In any given month, 1.6 billion apps are purchased from the Apple App Store, Android Market, and other popular outlets – is yours one of them?
Ever wondered why sales of your mobile application are a little flat? Mobile apps are a great way of marketing your business, driving customers to your site and increasing your profile but, in an extremely crowded market, yours will be lost in the crowd if it’s not executive professionally. When deciding whether or not to buy an app, a customer’s first thought is, ‘what’s in it for me?
This is why, at ExciteBrand, we specialize in developing apps that are not just fun and convenient but which also offer value to your customer and ROI to your business. We believe that, without these things, an app is just phone clutter. Our talented web app and mobile app developers have the skills and experience to create intuitive, forward-thinking apps that your customers will love – and will recommend to their friends.

SEO Company in Manchester

The United Nations of app development

Whatever the device, our experts will make sure that your app is easy to download and easy to use – often across a number of different platforms. Bespoke and unique, our app development solutions add value to your business and ensure a great experience for your customers.

What’s the big deal about apps?

● Mobile users are fast becoming the biggest internet users in the UK
● They allow you to harness valuable data from your customers
● They can be integrated into other parts of your technology
● Create endless customer-facing opportunities

Appy to be working with you!

We’re proud to be known as one of the UK’s leading web development agencies and
we’re ready to share the love. Get in touch with one of our web development experts today to find out what a mobile app project can do for your business. Call on 0044-01138805567 or email at enquiries@excitebrand.com.

Web Applications

Untangling the web with the UK’s leading web development company

Many businesses decide to save a bit of cash by creating their own website – resulting in a one-dimensional site which is the equivalent of using a CB radio in the age of Smartphones. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to your business website but, often lack of knowledge limits the potential. At ExciteBrand, our web development agency experts know all there is to know about developing fully interactive and multi-function websites for businesses to help them beat the competition to those all-important new customers.
Whether you’re after a straightforward web app or a fully automated CRM (customer relations management) system, our staff can advise on the best solution for your needs.

What’s the big deal about web applications?

For most businesses today, time and money are tight – which is why savvy businesses let their tech work for them. From cloud-based services to automated order fulfilment and data management, web applications free up your staff for more important tasks -and they’ll never ask for a day off or sponsorship money for little Timmy’s charity project. We work with some of the UK’s leading businesses, designing bespoke applications that harness their creativity in a smooth, user-friendly, customer-focused application.
Our team are happy to visit you at your workplace to find out who you are and what we can do to help your business grow.

Minding your business

Nobody knows your business better than you do – and we never forget that! Our web application experts are great listeners and liaise closely with your team to make sure that they fully understand what you’re about and who your target market is. By getting right inside your business, our web developers are able to create web applications just for you and your customers – At ExciteBrand we don’t work for you, we work with you.

The right tools for the job

At ExciteBrand, we’re dedicated to making sure that we use the most up to date and effective tools available -and we invest a considerable amount to make this happen.
We work with Linux and Windows in order to create applications for a number of different kinds of businesses. Some of our favourite tools are:
Back end
PHP5, CakePHP, Zend, Smarty, CodeIgniter, C#/.NET, Objective C, MySQL, MS SQL Server
HTML4/5, CSS2/3, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, Open source platforms, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, PhoneGap, Open Cart, ZenCart, Drupal
Web services
Third-party integrations
AWS, Warehouse/Inventories, Shipping Services, Accounting Services, Payment, Gateways, CRM, From PHP/MVC, MySQL, Apache, .NET/MVC, MS SQL Server, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3 and jQuery. We’re always looking for new software, processes and systems to benefit your business and your customers.
At ExciteBrand, our testimonials are our guarantee – for us, every project is the most important that we’ve ever worked on – and we’re never satisfied until you are! Ensuring total consistency through thorough user testing, we offer 100% reliability and functionality.
Ready to take your business to the next level? Call our experts today for a no-obligation chat on 0044-01138805567.

Web Services & Integration

Let’s talk about systems integration development

What does that mean? Systems integration is all about your different systems talking to each other – not in a weird, round the water cooler way but in a smart, efficient, techy way. Our staff can help save your business time and money by linking all of your systems, such as accountancy software, order fulfilment and CRM together in one streamlined system. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for an update, our team of experts will find the right solution for you and your business.


Our teamwork with XML, JSON and CSV data formats as well as SOAP, REST, AJAX & CURL to transfer data securely and efficiently. When it comes to your business and your data, security is everything and, our team’s expertise will ensure that your systems and applications communicate effortless across multi-platforms safely and securely. When it comes to automated systems, if you can imagine it, we can build it!
From telephone systems to payroll, we understand that reliability is a top priority for your business – which is why our fully qualified and highly experienced experts are dedicated to making sure that your automated systems are the best that they can be – and will always be on hand to advise and update.

The next big thing

Is your business – we can guarantee it. Even if you don’t quite know what it is you’re after, we can help. At ExciteBrand, we’re a bit old fashioned in that we believe in long term relationships rather than quick flings so, we take the time to get to know you and your business in order to understand who you are and what you need. Speak to one of our UK web development experts about 3rd party integration and web services today. Call us on 0044-01138805567 or get in touch by email at enquiries@excitebrand.com.

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