Keeping Up With Web Development In London

Keeping Up With Web Development In London
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ExciteBrand Admin / 2021-03-25

So, a couple of years ago, you got a techie friend to set up a website for your company and load it up with all the relevant information.  Good enough, right?  Wrong.  Of course it’s essential to have a working website for your business but, that’s by no means where the story ends.

Vintage isn’t always a good thing

Did you know that, by most standards, a website created two years ago and not updated since is considered antiquated and ineffective?  In order for your website to work for you, it needs to be monitored and updated in order to make sure that the content is relevant and on target.  We all know that technology moves at breakneck speed these days and, this includes website trends.  Everything from design to coding standards and search engine algorithms are fluid and constantly evolving and, your business needs to be able to keep up.

But who’s going to know?

Anybody who spends a lot of time on the internet, that’s who.  Browsers and phone apps are constantly updated and adapted to improve user experience and, this can make a difference to somebody checking out your web site.  In a hugely competitive world, the quality of your website means the difference between success and failure.  Professional web development in London is the key to hooking those vital clients – after all, if your website is outdated and tired, what does that say about your products or services?

The most common signs that a website is out of date are:

  • Slow loading pages
  • Incompatibility with the latest phones
  • Outdated information
  • Technical errors
  • A lack of new leads

Any one of these factors is likely to see your potential customer navigate away from your site and onto another – spelling disaster for your business.

As leading experts in web development in London, our team of professionals at ExciteBrand are web geeks – and proud of it!  Keeping up with the latest trends in web development and SEO is what we do and, we can help make sure that your website is engaging, up to date and SEO friendly.

For more information or to book an appointment with one of our experts, call 0044-01138805567 or get in touch at enquiries@excitebrand.

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